This WordPress Blog is part of a three part history of the evolution of the women’s fashion boot from the 1920s through to today. As much as possible it deals with all aspects, including not just design, but also societal issues.

The second part was a Tumblr blog of images from the 1960s through the 1980s, that provided image content to illustrate  the points made in the WordPress Blog. That got  a bit unwieldy, so I ended up replacing it with a series of Pinterest boards. These allow me to deliver a more curated subset of image content from the Tumblr blog, together with some other topics relating to the evolution of the fashion boot that fall outside the strict 1960s-1980s time frame of that blog.

The final part is the Wikipedia entry for Fashion Boot, which I created under my other pseudonym, Biffthree, and which I still edit from time to time. Being Wikipedia, others can edit and amend, so I can’t guarantee the content, although I do try to deal with any truly egregious changes. It has a couple of companion pieces on Russian Boots and Over-the-Knee Boots that are also worth a read.

A couple of legalistic points. First I don’t own the copyright for any of the images used on this Blog and the Pinterest boards (or the now departed Tumblr blog). I’m providing them as part of this research project under the principal of Fair Use. Nonetheless, the last thing I want to do is cause offense, so if you are a Copyright holder and you’d like me to remove an image or apply an accurate credit, just use the comment feature on the blog to contact me and I’ll respond ASAP.

The second issue relates to “adult” content. There is no pornography on any of the sites, in the sense of depictions of sexual activity, but there is a very small amount of nudity documenting the use of boots in pin-up and glamour photography – if this offends you, don’t look; if you are under the age of 18, or if such images are illegal where you live, please leave now.

Finally, as I explain in the first post of this blog, I’m no fashion historian. What you have here is my interpretation of what I see. Make of it what you will.

Image Source:

Littlewoods Autumn/Winter Catalogue, 1976, via Books to Bytes

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. For those of us who don’t have Facebook or Twitter accounts, do you have an email address that we can send questions to?

  2. Actually the fastest way is via this comments field.. always happy to answer any questions

    • Actually, what I was considering doing was sending you a multi-page piece I wrote on seventies fashion boots back in the eighties, with revisions written in the mid-nineties. When I discovered your boot blog, I recalled writing about seventies boots and eventually found the piece and converted to an electronic file. It’s too long to post in comments. It’s something I wrote during an obsessive writing surge when I was in my early twenties that might interest you, at least for comparison with the things you’re finding, though it’s not footnoted and researched extensively the way your pieces are. If you think you might be interested I could send it to you. If not, no problem.

      • Dean… apologies for the delay in responding to this kind offer. If you want to send it to 1966andyp [at] gmail.com, i’d be happy to take a look

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